The Girl and the Sea

A Young Author's Notebook
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The Girl and the Sea was written, I believe in the 1990’s. The story takes place in Galveston and it’s when my Grandpa was told about the new “Woman” that would be coming into his life. I present to you the UNCUT and UNEDITED version of The Girl and Sea

I was walking on the beach at night. There was no one there, but me. The waves crashed against the rocks. I was wondering about you and there I was, trying not to cry. I suddenly hear a voice, a girl’s.

“Have no fear!” I look around, and there is no one there. I hear the voice again spoke.

“You need not to worry, Ellio!” I asked the voice to show themselves. I turn to the ocean, and there is a green light, and then, a girl, who looks like she’s about 10 years-old, walked out of the ocean. Her dress was a sea blue and her hair was not short, but not long, it looked blonde, but it was hard to see her, since it was night. She did have red eyes, and that I did see.

“Ellio! I see you, do you see me?” She asked.

I nodded.

“GREAT! Now, to state why I’m here!” She squealed. She came near me, and I wasn’t afraid. I really wasn’t. I don’t know why I wasn’t. She had no shoes on and she looked like she had been in the water for a long time.

“Ellio! You will soon find the girl who has the key to your heart,” She said.

I looked down.

“I already lost that,” I said. She smiled and shook her head.

“NO! ELLIO! You will find her, right where you are! Your building!” She said.

I couldn’t imagine, me loving another woman again..

“Don’t worry, Ellio, you will be alright! Your love, will reach a woman, who wants you, just as much as you want her,” The Girl says.

“Who.. who are you?” I ask.. I am trying not to be concerned- she is without parents.

“I am a messenger, coming to tell you that you will find love, and believe me, it’ll a happy love,” The Girl said.

“Where are your parents? Do they know you’re out here.. alone?” I ask. I am looking around me, trying to see if there is anyone around. There isn’t.

“Please.. Ellio, listen to me, your body, is in need of love, and this woman, that you will meet, will love you back! She will love you instantly!” She smiles. I am trying to believe her.


“No.. Ellio, she was your love, but don’t worry, she’s giving you a second chance to love!” She says. I didn’t know what she was talking about. I didn’t want to love again! I lost my love! Yet, this girl says I’ll be in love again? How? I already lost her.

“Ellio, she will be just as beautiful and just as kind, only difference is, she is not the one who is in the ground,” The girl says.

“How will I know who you are referring to?” I ask.

“She will have the same looks as your lover, but I promise you, she will be a woman that you will be with for a lifetime!” The girl said.

I look at this girl, she might be dead? Or an angel? Or both? I’m not sure?

“What is your name kid?” I ask.

“You need to not worry about Ellio, in a few days time, you will meet the love of your life, and you will be the love of hers!” She smiles.

“I need to know YOUR NAME!” I yell, as I walk near her.

“Selza!! Don’t worry, you’ll be happy! You deserve to be happy!” She says, as she walks back to the ocean.

“SELZA! Wait!” I yell, trying to run after her, but she is gone into the waves before I can even get to her. The bright light in the ocean is gone.

I hope she’s right.. I hope she was right…

Spoiler alert: YES SHE WAS.



A Young Author's Notebook

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